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Large-scale population genetic analyses require huge sample numbers, which bears a high risk of contamination. There is an increasing need for verifying the identity of a sample efficiently and economically. Modern sequencing technology has greatly improved over the past decade by reducing time and costs per sample, which makes genotyping-by-sequencing being a convenient approach for sample verification. We prepare Arabidopsis thaliana whole-genome libraries based on the tagmentation methodology and perform sequencing of high-plexed libraries. Over the last years we gained experiences in high-throughput whole-genome sequencing and optimized our protocols towards rapid turnover and low costs. If you wish to genotype you samples please send us a request.

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Genotyping a sample with high-coverage sequencing is expensive, whereas low-coverage is highly error prone. Now with more than 1000 Arabidopsis thaliana high-quality genomes available, genotyping can be simple by identifying the natural lines (accessions) that matches to the sample of interest. Hence we have developed SNPmatch, a tool that identifies the most likely accession with a minimum number of SNPs. This makes it an efficient and reliable tool for low-coverage sequencing data. SNPmatch can identify inbreds but can also be applied to identify the parents in a F1 or F2 population. If you wish to identify your plant you just need to upload your vcf file.


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